The Baddest Asses.

The Baddest Asses.

It’s a metaphor.

Don’t lose it…

Don’t lose it…

…N-Not the Mama…



Here’s the first epic chapter of a Web-Comic I’m trying to start up. The Shapeslies will star TriGuy, SquareDude and RoundFella on their wacky, kooky, quazy adventures through a doodely world.

If you like this first one give me a follow. I’ve got a lot more planned.

Maybe I don’t have enough followers for this plug to have much gravity, but I’ve been working on these for a while and I want them seen. Please check out and FOLLOW ‘The Shapeslies’. If you don’t care for them don’t worry, they won’t appear on my main Tumblr, so please don’t UNFOLLOW that one.

How to be a Queer-Gay:

…Could you explain it to me?